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West Insurance Brokers, Inc. represents over 30 competitive Workers Compensation Carriers that can provide competitive premiums to reduce the cost of your coverage. In addition to keeping your Workers Compensation rates low, West Insurance Brokers, Inc. assists with the monitoring of your claims to reduce their impact on your Experience Modification. An employer’s ability to gain control of the Experience Modification leads to long term control of Workers Compensation premiums.

When a Workers Compensation Claim occurs, the insurance carrier has 14 days to pay the claim or delay the claim to conduct a claims investigation. Our clients make one phone call to West Insurance Brokers when a suspect or questionable claim occurs and we provide the claims adjuster with objective information as to why the claim needs to be delayed and investigated. The claims adjuster has tools they can use to dispute a claim including the taking of recorded statements from witnesses and the claimant, and using filming and investigative surveillance to monitor actions of the claimant that are not consistent with the claimed injury. We want legitimate Workers Compensation claims paid in an expedient manner and questionable or fraudulent claims contested and denied.

Early return to work is an effective means for an employer to cut into the Workers Compensation claims cost. When an injured employee is provided modified duty work that meets the limitations of the employee’s light duty work restrictions, Temporary Disability Payments end. Even if the employee elects not to accept the modified duty position, the insurance carrier can cut off the Temporary Disability payments to the employee. About half of the claim cost with a Workers Compensation claim can be made up of Temporary Disability Benefits. Modified duty work helps the employer reduce the amount paid on the claim to limit the effect of the claim on the Experience Modification.

It is painful for an employer when you have Workers Compensation claims that linger with ongoing medical treatment and no progress or resolution of the claim in sight. When this occurs, we can contact the claims adjuster and request that the employee’s medical care is reviewed by a specialist to provide an objective medical diagnosis as to the care needed to heal the employee. A claims adjuster can also request a Qualified Medical Examination for the injured employee to add a second opinion, and shape the medical diagnosis for the care required for the employee.

Our goal is to keep Workers Compensation costs down for our employers. The Workers Compensation system is regulated for the benefit of the injured workers, and we push to make sure the employer’s voice is heard and that the employer is treated fairly. The impact of your claims on your Experience Modification will determine the future cost of your Workers Compensation premiums. We want our clients to pay as little in Workers Compensation premiums as possible.

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