Medical Coverage & Employee Benefits

West Insurance Brokers, Inc. provides Group Medical Coverage, Dental Coverage, Vision Coverage and Group Life Insurance for our clients. With your Group Medical Coverage, we represent Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield of California, Kaiser, Sutter Health Plus, Western Health Advantage, California Choice and UnitedAg Benefit Trust. We provide the most cost competitive Group Medical Coverage available in the marketplace. In addition, we help you select Group Medical Coverage that provides your employees with the needed physician access and hospital access with robust provider directories in your geographic area.

West Insurance Brokers, Inc. represents Cypress Dental, Ameritas, Delta Dental, Met Life, Premier Access Dental, Delta Dental, and Choice Builder Dental for your Group Dental Coverage needs. We can provide comprehensive Group Dental Coverage at the lowest cost available to you.

Vision Service Plan, Medical Eye Service and Superior are some of our Vision Benefit Carriers that can provide value added Vision Coverage that is an appreciated benefit for your employees. With both the Group Dental Coverage and the Group Vision Coverage we can arrange employer paid plans and voluntary plans that are paid by the employees.

Group Life Insurance Coverage provides Term Life Insurance for your employees while they are employed by your company. Life Insurance Limits such as $50,000, $100,000, 1 times employee salary, and 2 times employee salary can be made available with cost effective Group Life Insurance for all of your employees. Group Disability pays for employee lost income up to the Social Security Retirement age when an employee can no longer work due to disability. 60% to 67% of the employee’s income can be protected with Group Long Term Disability. West Insurance Brokers, Inc. represents competitive Group Life Insurance Carriers such as Guardian, MetLife, Principal, Reliance Standard and Unum if you are interested in investigating Group Life Insurance and Group Disability Insurance for your employees.

Cafeteria 125 Premium Only Plans allow your employees to pay for their portion of their premium cost with pre-tax dollars. Flexible Spending Accounts go even further in allowing employees to save on their tax exposure, as they let the employees pay for co-pays, deductibles, and expenses related to chiropractic, orthodontia, and other holistic medical treatment with pre-tax dollars. West Insurance Brokers, Inc. can help you implement a Cafeteria 125 Premium Only Plan and a Flexible Spending Account. As the employer you save on your employer tax exposure and Workers Compensation costs with the amounts dedicated to the Premium Only Plan and Flexible Spending Account by your employees.

Employers with more than 20 employees have a responsibility to notify your employees of their COBRA rights when they enroll in the Employee Benefits, and when the employees’ coverage ends. West Insurance Brokers, Inc. works with our COBRA Administrators to provide the full COBRA Administration at no cost to you.

Group Medical Coverage

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Dental Coverage

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Vision Coverage

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