Business Auto Insurance

West Insurance Brokers, Inc. insures clients with the largest most competitive Business Auto insurance carriers in California.  Allstate Insurance, Guard Insurance Company, National General, Liberty Mutual, Travelers, and Progressive are leaders in proving cost competitive auto insurance to businesses.

Commercial Auto insurance is one of the most expensive coverage lines for employers. Controlling your auto insurance claims has a direct impact on the auto insurance cost that you pay going forward.  Loss prevention is available with defensive driving training courses that are available from the Business Auto insurance carriers and through the ThinkHR website that West Insurance Brokers, Inc. makes available for our clients.

Driver selection also has an impact on the Business Auto insurance premiums that an employer pays.  Auto Insurance Carriers provide preferred rates for employers who have drivers who are 25 years old and older, and who have Motor Vehicle Reports with less than 2 points.  A ticket counts as one point, and an at fault accident counts as two points.  A serious driving violation like a DUI counts as four points and makes a driver difficult to insure.

The DMV Pull Program is a cost effective Motor Vehicle Report monitoring system that can be useful for employers.  The DMV Pull Program notifies employers if an employee gets a ticket, has an accident or receives a serious driving violation that can cause an auto insurance rate increase.  With the instant updating of your drivers’ Motor Vehicle Reports an employer can monitor the performance of your drivers and make sure that they are safely operating your vehicles on behalf of your company.

Business Auto insurance is expensive and it is increasing in cost.  Driver recruitment, safety training, and active management are the tools an employer has available to help control the Business Auto insurance premiums that are paid.

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