Think HR

Think HR is a Human Resources website that West Insurance Brokers, Inc. sponsors for our employer clients at no additional cost for our clients

Do you have a question regarding personnel employment matters? The ThinkHR Human Resources Representatives are ready to help. ThinkHR has Human Resources Representatives with over 15 years of experience with California employment law, and they are available for direct contact concerning your employment issue.

The ThinkHR website at also provides employers with access to the following resources:

Harassment Training for managers and employees, which is a required training course in California for employers with more than 5 employees.

ERISA compliance with your Employee Benefits. The ThinkHR website can create and maintain your ERISA Wrap Plan to keep you in compliance with the requirement to have a Written Plan Document and SPD’s Summary Plan Description. ERISA requires Plan Administrators to provide plan participants in writing of the most important facts about their Health Benefit Plans including rules, financial information, and documents on the operation and management of the plan.

Section 125 Premium Only Plans that are required for employees to pay for their portion of the Employee Benefits premium cost with pre-tax dollars

Living Handbook – ThinkHR has an Employee Handbook that can be created and maintained on their website to establish and publish your Employee Handbook for your company at no additional cost. The ThinkHR Employee Handbook is automatically updated by the website to comply with changes to labor laws so your Employee Handbook is up to date and in compliance.

Interactive Safety Training Programs for employees – webinars and courses on Defensive Driving, Propper Lifting, Forklift Training, Heat Stress and Illness and a myriad of other OSHA compliant safety trainings are available on the ThinkHR website.

Visit the ThinkHr website at to see all of the value added services that are available at no cost to our West Insurance Brokers, Inc. clients.