Ease.com is an Employee Benefits Management website that West Insurance Brokers, Inc. hosts for our clients to help reduce the time and paperwork involved with Open Enrollment.

Within each employer’s individual ease.com site, the employees are provided a link to enter the employees name, email, date of birth, address, dependent information, and social security information that is required to complete the Employee Enrollment Forms. The ease.com website then holds the employee information in a privacy protected format so that subsequent Open Enrollments already have the required employee data within the employer’s ease.com site.

The Employee Benefit Plans that you offer to your employees are populated within the ease.com website so that the employees can see the Group Medical Coverage, Group Dental Coverage, Group Vision Coverage, and Group Life Insurance Plans that are made available to the employees. The ease.com website will also display the premium contributions required with each of the Employee Benefits Plan selected. Ease.com displays each Employee Benefit plan option side by side on one screen so the employees have fingertip control to review all the Employee Benefits Plans available, and the employee premium requirements based on the plans selected.

After the employees have entered their enrollment information, the ease.com website guides the employees through completing the Employee Benefits Enrollment Forms with the plans that the employee selects. The employees complete the Enrollment Forms or Waiver Forms based on their plan selection, and the employees’ electronic signatures are populated on the Employee Enrollment Forms or Waiver Forms.

The Employee Enrollment Forms are then ready to submit to the employer’s Employee Benefits Carriers, and the Waivers are maintained on the ease.com website. As the employer you have the electronic records of the employee decisions made during Open Enrollment all maintained on the ease.com website.

The ease.com website is available to our employer clients at no additional cost.